Master class from the teacher of the department

Within the framework of the academic disciplines “Philosophy” and “Cultural Studies”, a “Student’s Workshop” operates under the guidance of the professor of the Department of OOD Bekturganov B.I.. This is a kind of master class in which students are masters of their craft. The workshop is based on the principle of practical preparation for training sessions, its purpose is to master the training course. The main product of students’ work is the development and implementation of educational projects in the form of presentations.

The workshop is a technology of developing learning by creating an atmosphere of competition in which students can prove themselves as researchers, creators. A competition for the best presentation on the subject of training sessions is held on a regular basis.

Selection criteria:

Visual, compositional construction of the material reflecting the logic of analysis
Consistency, meaningful depth
The level of knowledge of the material, fluency in the conceptual apparatus.
According to philosophy, the competition is personalized – between individual students.
In cultural studies – inter–team nature – between teams / groups of students.

Prize-winners of the competition for the course “Philosophy”:
Albina Kuleshova, 2nd year student of group F-21-1 (presentation “Philosophy of the language of Mahmoud Kashgari”)

Camilla Toleuova, 2nd year student of the FM-21-1 group (presentations “Man in the system of Confucianism and Taoism: Yin/Yang”, “Thomas More and Tommaso Campanella: about free development and human happiness”)

Prize -winners of the Cultural studies competition:
In-22-1 group, students Danil Sorokin,and Azhar Baystanova, Daniel Korzhaubaev ( presentations “The subject and tasks of cultural studies. Basic concepts“, “The essence of culture. Inculturation and socialization”, “New Culture of Russia (18th-19th centuries).

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