Information about Academy

Private institution Bolashak Academy was founded on September 25, 1995 on the basis of the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 267 dated September 25, 1995 in accordance with the article 7 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education” on the basis of the Regulation on licensing procedure of educational activities, approved by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 13, 1993, No. 597 and the Decision of the Republican Council on licensing, certification and accreditation of educational institutions of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Academy has a perpetual state license for educational activity for No. 0137370 of 03.02.2010.

Main building
Administration building

On September 23, 2011, the university received an accreditation certificate of MK No. 001991 as a subject of scientific and technical activities.

In accordance with the State Programme for the Development of Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2020, the university is implementing a phased transition to international standards of quality education. Under the program implementation, the mission of the Academy is defined – to provide quality, accessible, modern education that gives graduates competitiveness and mobility, increase the intellectual and spiritual potential of the nation as a resource and guarantor of sustainable development of the society.

Since 2004 a credit system of education has been introduced at university.

The Academy is included in the list of 15 universities that signed the Memorandum of Universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Taraz Declaration) under the program of Kazakhstan’s accession to the Bologna Process.

The structure of the university includes 7 departments: Legal Disciplines, Finance, General Education Disciplines, Pedagogy and Psychology, Kazakh language and Literature, Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication, Pharmaceutical Disciplines.

The Academy trains students in 7 bachelor’s academic programmes in full and part-time, including from 2012-2013 academic year on distance learning technology.

The activity of the departments corresponds to the Standard rules of activity of educational organizations implementing educational programs of higher professional education.

The Academy carries out educational activities in academic programmes of postgraduate education: Master’s degree “Law”, “Kazakh language and literature”, “Finance”, “Pedagogy and Psychology”.

The educational process in the Academy is carried out on the basis of innovative technologies of training, informatization and computerization of the whole process of training, application of new concepts in the sphere of education and science, improvement of traditional methods of teaching, creation and constant replenishment of the fund of electronic training means.

Realization of educational programs of higher and postgraduate education in the Academy is provided with educational-methodical and information resources: free access to international information networks, library collections and databases, computer technologies, educational-methodical aids and developments in the studied disciplines. The fund of electronic educational and methodical editions of the university includes course cases, video lectures, developed and published educational and methodical complexes (EMC) in all disciplines of curriculum of all academic programmes, a database of electronic courses of lectures is created in Kazakh, Russian, English and German languages.

Successful integration into the global educational and information space, as well as increased academic mobility, requires high-quality training of specialists with knowledge of foreign languages. To this end, the university introduces foreign language teaching in academic programmes of non-language faculties through the system of optional courses. For a number of years, Peace Corps volunteers have been working at the university: Mark Flynn (USA), Thomas Mike Montague (USA), Jean Baptiste (France), Omar Hyatt (Pakistan). Currently, 3 teachers – Ali Nergiz, Yusuar Dogan, Yuksel Turk (Turkey) teach in Turkish for academic programmes “Translation” and “Kazakh language and literature” under academic mobility.

Courses in Turkish, French, Chinese and Arabic have been organized at the Academy. Optional classes were held (MoviNight and Yuksel Turk) as well.

Modern information and communication technologies are actively used in the educational process. Fixed computers, netbooks and laptops operate under three operating systems:

Windows XP (SP3) for compatibility with “old” applications and multimedia products with StarForce protection;

Windows 7 (SP1) for using applications created for the Windows is a software tool (MS Visual Studio 2008/2010), application software package (Paint.Net, CorelDraw X4, Adobe Flash CS6 / 8.0 and many others);

Ubuntu 12.04.1 for safe work with cross-platform programs – 2D Gimp 2.8.4 editor, 3D Blender editor (which allows you to create animation with Unity 4), LibreOffice_4.0.0 package (for creating and editing texts, presentations, spreadsheets).

The Academy is a single training complex, which includes:

– Faculty of Advanced Training of Pharmaceutical Workers;

– Central-Kazakhstan Research and Development Humanitarian Institute of Current Problems;

– Research Institute of Legal and Comparative Studies;

– Karaganda College of Actual Education”Bolashak;

– Academician Zh.S. Akylbayev Balkhash College of Actual Education “Bolashak”;

– ‘Limonad’ Regional Student Newspaper (registration certificate No. 15587-G dated 25.09.2015) Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan);

– ‘Bolashak-Baspa’ Editorial and Printing Division.

The Academy is a part of the Innovation and Education Consortium “Chemistry and Technology of Pharmaceuticals”.

Under State Program of education development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020, the purposeful work on maintenance of professional training of competent and competitive experts and integration with a science is conducted in higher education institution.

The Academy has a large fund of academic, educational-methodical, scientific and reference literature in Kazakh language. The library fund includes scientific-methodical, periodicals in the state language, including authoritative scientific journals “Parasat”, “Turabi”, ” Qazaqstannyń ǵylym álemі”, “Herald of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences” and others.

The Academy owns all real estate and land plots that make up the infrastructure of the university, on the rights of operational management. All real estate objects meet the requirements of fire safety, sanitary and epidemiological requirements, as well as the requirements of state educational standards of the specialties being implemented. The total area is 11.200.2 sq.m.

The Academy’s educational and laboratory base includes 20 specialized rooms, including 13 computer classes, 3 multimedia halls, 1 TV studio, electronic resources hall, laboratories, 2 sports and fitness rooms. Specialized classrooms are actively used in the educational process in accordance with their purpose. The material-technical and social base includes a dormitory with a total area of 2714 sq.m.