Student newspaper “LiMoNaD”

​​​The student newspaper “LiMoNaD” is a creative association of students covering significant, interesting events in the student life of the Academy. The main authors and addressees are students and teachers.

The work of the center is carried out according to the general plans of the Academy, based on the mission of the Academy and the goals in the field of quality.

The staff of the center consists of: the director of the center; photographer; translators; designer.

​ The work of the CMM is carried out in the following directions:

– site administration in three languages;

– issue of the monthly student newspaper “Lemonade”;

– work in social networks.

If you have any questions about publications on websites or newspapers, please contact:

Karaganda, Abaya str., 17, room 206, administrative building of the Academy “Bolashaq”,

and also by phone 8-7212-42-04 25, extension 72

or by email

Archive of the student newspaper “LiMoNaD”:

LiMoNaD 2022

LiMoNaD 2019

Limonad 2018

Limonad 2017

Limonad 2016

Limonad 2015

Limonad 2014

Limonad 2013