Media Center

Media Center is a structural division of Bolashaq Academy, directly subordinate to the Vice Rector for Social and Educational Work.

The work of the Center is carried out according to the general plans of the Academy, based on the mission of the Academy and quality goals.

The staff of the centre consists of: director of the centre; editor of website; photographer; translators; designer.

 The work of MMC is carried out in three directions:

– administration of

– administration of

– issue of monthly student newspaper “LiMoNaD”

– social networking

If you have questions about publications on websites or newspapers, please contact us:

Karaganda, 17 Lenin str., 308, administrative building, “Bolashaq” Academy,

Phone: 8-7212-42-04 25, internal 087.

 e-mail to

Archive of the student newspaper “LiMoNaD”:

Limonad 2019

Limonad 2018

Limonad 2017

Limonad 2016

Limonad 2015

Limonad 2014

Limonad 2013