“The Republic of Bolashaq” was founded in 1999

The first President was Yerzhan Yegemberdiev, a student in the specialty “Jurisprudence”. The next President was Anna Borisovna Yarygina. Under her presidency at the then Karaganda Institute of Actual Education “Bolashaq”, a public service school began to work, where students could improve their skills in the field of public service, law and law, and two political parties “AREX” and “Liberal Democratic party”

in 2018, Presidential elections were held, where Beksultan Magrupzhan, a student of the educational program “Kazakh language and literature”, won the first place and in 2019 the first ceremony of the already revived and rebranded The Student Republic “Bolashaq” was held, the Government was formed and the Cabinet of Ministers was assembled. The post of the head of executive power and the post of Prime Minister of the Student Republic “Bolashaq” was taken by Zhanabaev Daniyar, student of the educational program “Foreign language: two foreign languages”.

«The Republic of Bolashaq» operates the supreme legislative body of student self-government “Council of the Republic” in which 15 students of all educational programs of the Bolashaq Academy are represented.

Students’ Republic of “Bolashaq”, Academy “Bolashaq” is an independent (within the framework of students’ self-government of the Academy «Bolashaq») voluntary, democratic, legal, secular association of students.

“Article 1 of the Constitution of the Student Republic” Bolashaq”

The main objectives of the “Students’ Republic”:

• In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the protection and representation of the rights of students of the Bolashaq Academy,

• Development of their socio-economic and cultural-moral qualities

• Education of leadership qualities and future management class of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

• Raising an active citizenship among students of the Academy.

Student Republic Opportunities:

· Writing an article, writing scientific papers, projects, startups

· Writing business projects

· Participation in national and international competitions

· Chess Skills Development

· Free fitness room and pool

· Experience in organizing conferences and competitions, forums and summits

· Discovery of the student’s internal potential; formation of an active citizenship

· Be in all the collegial bodies of the Academy

· Traveling abroad for various activities

· Settlement and eviction from the hostel,

· Submission of active students for promotion from the Rector’s Fund



1. Magrupzhan Beksultan student gr. K-17-1 – President of the Student Republic “Bolashaq”.

2. Zhanabaev Daniyar student of the group IN-16-1 – Prime Minister of the Student Republic “Bolashaq”.

3. Zhumataev Erassyl student of the group Yu-18-2 – Minister of Legal and Political Culture and the fight against corruption. First vice-prime Minister of the Student Republic “Bolashaq”.

4. Akhmetova Dana student of the IN-18-1 group – Minister of Science and Academic Policy. The second vice-premier of the Student Republic “Bolashaq”.

5. Merdenov Arman student of the group Yu-18-2 – Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Student Republic “Bolashaq”.

6. Alimbaev Aidana student of the group IN-18-1 – Minister of Communications of the Student Republic of “Bolashaq”.

7. Assanova Madina student group FM-18-5 – Minister of Health of the Student Republic “Bolashaq”.

8. Toleukul Akerke student of the group FM-18-3 – Minister of Sports and Tourism of the Student Republic “Bolashaq”.

9. Mukhamedzhanov Adil student of the IN-19-1 group – Minister of Enlightenment (Education) of the Student Republic “Bolashaq”

10. Sultanova Ayazhan student of the group IN-19-2 – Minister of Culture of the Student Republic “Bolashaq”.

11. Kisina Zarema student of the group F-18-1 – The Presidential Commissioner for Student Protection Rights (Student Ombudsman) of the Student Republic “Bolashaq”.

12. Bekdosova Kamila student of the group IN-18-1 – Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Student Republic “Bolashaq”.

13. Seylov Saken student of the group Yu-18-2 – General Prosecutor of the Student Republic “Bolashaq”.