The final conference of the production (pedagogical) practice of the Department of Pedagogy

On April 11, 2023, the final conference of students of the PMNO-19-2 group “Industrial (pedagogical) practice” was held, scheduled for 10 weeks from 30.01.2023 to 07.04.2023. The conference was attended by senior teachers of the department Zhapanova R. N., Sarbasova K.A., Arunova Zh.A. and students of the PMNO-20-2 group.

Students of the PMNO-19-2 group: Abdrakhmanova D. M., Abilhamit Sh. S., Koshenova D. B., Bekmaganbet E. Zh. had an internship at KSU “Secondary school No. 23” in Karaganda, Anarbayeva M. E. in “KSU SOSH named after Sanzhar Asfendiyarov “, Shakhtinsk, Karaganda region

On the first question, the head of the M.P.N. practice, senior lecturer R. N. Zhapanova, spoke briefly about the results of the production (pedagogical) practice and gave the floor to the students. Students of the PMNO-19-2 group told about their acquaintance with the pedagogical documents of the secondary education institution: the State standard, the Concept and the program of development of the institution according to past practices in the “KSU secondary school No. 23” of Karaganda, “KSU secondary school named after Sanzhar Asfendiyarov” of Shakhtinsk, Karaganda region. They gave a report on the individual plan of the trainee, drawn up for the period of practice, according to the plan of classes, etc.

Students of the PMNO-19-2 group Abdrakhmanova D. M., Abilhamit S. S., Koshenova D. B., Bekmaganbet E. Zh. Anarbayeva M. E. successfully passed the practice report “Industrial (pedagogical) practice”, which were held at the KSU “Sanzhar Asfendiyarov General Education School ” in Shakhtinsk, Karaganda region

In conclusion, M.P.N., senior lecturer Zhapanova R. N., M.P.N., Sarbasova K. A. and Arunova Zh.A. asked questions about the work during this internship, the students successfully answered the questions.

The heads of the practice expressed their opinion about the practice and wished the students good luck.

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