Happy birthday, Bayan Mukushevna!

On February 5, 2021 celebrated her 65th anniversary Ibraeva Bayan Mukushevna, candidate of philological sciences, professor of the Academy “Bolashaq”.

To congratulate her favorite teacher and colleague on her birthday, graduates of different years of the Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication, colleagues of Bayan Mukushevna, gathered together and expressed their love and gratitude.

Bakhtiyar Tulepbekov, the creator of exclusive songs, performed a wonderful song that touched not only her name, but also all those present.

Bakhtiyar Tulepbekov on his page in Instagram wrote about Bayan Mukushevna:

Ibraeva Bayan Mukushevna – candidate of philological sciences, professor, worked all her life in the sphere of education, a fragile, graceful woman with a steely inner core. A SMALL WOMAN OF BIG VICTORIES.
MOTIVATOR AND GENERATOR OF IDEAS. Author of numerous textbooks, articles, as well as one of the authors of the 3-language dictionary.

The motto “You won’t get a second chance to leave a first impression” is written off of her. It sticks in the memory, the heart from the first time, leaving an indelible impression.

Main features – very communicative, charismatic, unstoppable as a tornado, of people whose voice can be heard in the hallway before he or she even walks in. Illuminates and enlivens any room, group, meeting, hangout, and celebration). There is no person who treats it neutrally: it causes either burning love and admiration or aversion.
Her ability to impress, her ability to make friendships and the right connections, her original ideas and outlook on the world, make her an indispensable friend and like-minded person. With her it is good to start new projects that seem fantastic, but usually ahead of their time.

Bayan Mukushevna is a STAR by life and vocation! All her life she has been distributing energy equal to the power of a small nuclear plant. Personality – energizer, inspirer, pendel-giverer. Raised the department of Foreign Languages at Bolashaq Academy from the ground up, her parent, founder, first head and inspirer. Specialized in English.
Taught foreign language teaching methodology, history of language, theory of intercultural communication, no student who could forget her lectures. She has released multiple (already) generations of foreign language teachers and interpreters. A teacher who can be proud of her graduates and who are rightfully proud of the fact that they had such a teacher. A well-known personality in the field of foreign language teaching in the entire city and beyond. She is known in Turkey and the United States, where she has lectured. She leaves an indelible mark in the hearts of her colleagues and students.
A man-an epoch, a man-an idea, a man-creativity, a man-educator. A public personality.

Check in instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CK8yAufB9SG/?igshid=1ejjmpqkmbl2t

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