We invite you to participate in the Eurasian Patent Universiade “Look into the Future”

The Eurasian Patent Office announces holding the Eurasian Patent Universiade “Looking into the Future” dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of the Eurasian Patent Organization.

The purpose of the Universiade is to support talented young people and increase their interest in intellectual property issues.

Students of educational institutions and other interested persons aged 18 to 25, inclusive, are invited to take part in the Universiade.

The Universiade is held in the form of a competition of creative works (works that present the results of scientific and technical creativity) on the following topics:

“We are descendants of N. Tesla. All the laws of nature in our hands”;
“We are descendants of D. Mendeleev. Chemistry? Yes! And increase life expectancy!”
“We are descendants of Avicenna. We are creating the sixth volume of the Canon of Medicine!”
“We are descendants of A. Gaudi. What is it like, the city of tomorrow?”;
“Always Connected – Learning Together, Resting Together. Remote Learning and Interactive Leisure Systems”;
“Social distance in social networks – new ways to ensure safe communication in today’s world.”
“Protection from Virus – the Enemy Won’t Pass! Personal protection systems for doctors and patients against infection.”
“Faster, Higher, Stronger and … Closer! Innovative Training Devices and Systems to Maintain Athletic Fitness in Pandemic Conditions”.
Creative work can be presented in Russian or English. The volume of the work must not exceed 20 single-sided printed pages.

Photographs, illustrations, drawings, pictures, graphs, drawings necessary for more visual presentation of the information presented in the creative work may be attached to the creative work.

Deadline for submission of creative works: October 15, 2020. – February 28, 2021.

The results of the Universiade will be published by March 31, 2021.

Taking into account the epidemiological stoppage, works are submitted mainly in electronic form by sending them to the e-mail address info@eapo.org (the size of attached files should not exceed 10 MB), with the obligatory indication “For participation in the Eurasian Patent Universiade “A Look into the Future”.

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