Within the framework of the “Career Guidance – 2023” program of the Bolashaq Academy, work has been underway since the beginning of April to professionally inform graduates of Temirtau schools.

On April 10, the teaching staff of the Academy within the framework of career guidance work with graduates. visited schools №1, №7, №11, №14, №16, №19, №20, №24 and also the gymnasium named after.Alikhan Bokeikhan and gymnasium No. 1 Temirtau.

Associate Professor of the Department of Kazakh Language and Literature Baymurynov Zh. M. held a special conversation with students of grades 10 and 11 of the gymnasium named after Alikhan Bokeikhan about the specialties that the department prepares, about the general Academy and its graduates. He held a mini-lecture for students on professional and cognitive orientation on the topic of the advantages of specialties related to the Kazakh language and literature, the scale of demand for it, the level of qualification of students, competence, employment and, most importantly, the spiritual world as a person, and summed up the results in the format of questions and answers.

During the meeting, it turned out that 11th grade students know about the universities of the region and the professions in them, and for 10th grade students a lot is unfamiliar.

Most of the questions asked by the students concerned the possibility of studying on a grant, the criteria for obtaining a scholarship, tuition fees and the issue of a hostel.

The key outcome of the meeting within the framework of career guidance was that some of the 10th grade students later showed interest in studying in the specialty “Kazakh language and literature”.

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