Perception of Space by Academy students through the works of Karaganda artists

On April 12, 2023, on Cosmonautics Day, students of the Bolashaq Academy of all educational programs with the Vice-rector for SVR Ismailova R.N. and the head of the Department of General Education Disciplines Ilyasova A.U. visited the Karaganda Museum of Fine Arts as part of expanding their local lore horizons, having attended a museum lesson dedicated to the Cosmonautics Day and the exhibition-competition “MasterART”.

The participants were able to get acquainted with the canvases of Karaganda artists dedicated to the theme of Space, in particular Krylov V.I. “Glory to space” (oil on canvas), Rastopchina N. “Karaganda-space harbor” (1979, paper, etching), Sidorkina E. “On the Kazakh land. Baikonur” (lithography), P.I. Rechensky “On the land of Karaganda” (1965, oil on canvas), V.P. Bush “Yu. Gagarin in space” (oil on canvas).

The annual exhibition-competition “MasterART” aroused the increased interest of those present. This year, this exhibition is dedicated to the theme of Space in the broadest sense of the word. The canvases presented at the exhibition were painted by teachers of the artistic and aesthetic direction of additional education organizations of the Karaganda region.

All of them are diverse, at the same time convey the author’s understanding of the universe. The titles of the works are very symbolic “Through the Universe”, “In stellar and Terrestrial orbits”, “The Birth of a new Star”, “My Galaxy”, “Bizarre Cosmic Worlds”, etc.
The most important lesson for the visitors of the exhibition was that the expositions encourage them to think about the mysteries of the universe, about the important, eternal, to look into the world of their own “inner cosmos”.

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