Preventing religious extremism and terrorism: meeting with a cleric

On January 27, 2021 a meeting was held with the students of the Bolashaq Academy on the prevention of religious extremism and terrorism, as part of the state programme on countering religious extremism and terrorism, at the Zoom online platform.

The meeting was opened by Indira Baurzhanovna Syzdykova, head of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Relations Sector of Internal Policy Division of Karaganda City Akimat.

The representative of clergy Ugolkov Alexander Nikolaevich, rector of Krestovozdvizhensky temple was speaker of the meeting.

Father Alexander urged to get answers about religion from the competent people – clergymen, rectors of temples, imams; not to give in to pseudo-religious, destructive currents; to observe the conventional values, the main of which is the principle of humanity.

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