A cycle of classes in the integrated discipline “Ecology and fundamentals of life safety”

This academic year, the Bolashaq Academy introduced a subject consisting of five disciplines for students of all educational programs.

Teachers of the Department of Pharmaceutical Disciplines conducted a cycle of classes on the cycle “Ecology fundamentals of life safety”. The cycle was introduced into the training program in order to form students’ knowledge about the basic patterns of interaction between the components of the biosphere and the environmental consequences of human economic activity, especially in conditions of intensification of environmental management, as well as to familiarize them with measures to protect humans and the environment from the negative effects of man-made factors.

In addition, the seminars included the study of individual health as a form of development of the psychophysiological capabilities of the human body.

In practical classes, students got acquainted with the main health indicators, were able to measure pulse, blood pressure and respiration themselves, as well as check a number of physiological parameters, such as the level of static balancing and neuromuscular performance.

The acquired knowledge will not only expand the conceptual horizons of students, but also help them to further use them in research work.

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