Online learning through the eyes of a student

Students and faculty of Bolashaq Academy continue to share the organization and passing of on-line training.
Student Nikita Turkenich, group U-18-1:
“This is the fourth week we have been studying remotely. At first, there were problems, they concerned the optimization of servers. It was not only our university that faced these problems. The training was new and everyone was “stuffing the bumps” in their own way. The specialists of the Academy’s IT center eliminated the problems and optimized all the equipment in a short time. For today all works stably. The training process is good and interesting.
Difficulties with training are caused by the second shift. I understand that it does not depend on our university, since April 6, schoolchildren left the vacation and the load on the Internet resources in the Republic has increased several times. I’m looking forward to the quarantine to return to the Academy. In the meantime, we sit at home and study.”

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