Article of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy “When we are united – we are invincible”

The First President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, published an article with an address to the people of Kazakhstan.

In the years of independence, in the most difficult and critical moments of our country’s life, I have always openly discussed any problem with my compatriots, shared my thoughts with my native people. Now, when many states of the world are experiencing an alarming time, and the health of our nation has been seriously jeopardized, I call on my fellow citizens to be patient and cool, and I appeal to the people of Kazakhstan with wishes for good and prosperity.

The sudden coronavirus pandemic threatens all humankind. Already now, more than 1.4 million people have been infected worldwide, and tens of thousands have died. Therefore, the states of the world unite their efforts in search of a vaccine against this dangerous disease and actively cooperate, submitting to a common goal all advanced achievements of modern science and technology.

Among all States of the world, Kazakhstan was one of the first to join the fight against the pandemic. A system of preventive measures has been implemented. The relevant State bodies have received special training. The course of development and spread of the pandemic in foreign countries was studied. As a result, we have, to the best of our ability, put obstacles in its way and the situation with the coronavirus has been taken under 24-hour control. Much has been done to stabilize the situation, and that work is continuing. We need nationwide and universal support for all these good measures.   

From the first days of independence, taking Abai’s wise idea that “friendship grows with friendship” as a guide, I pursued a policy of friendship, mutual trust and equal partnership with all states of the world.

This is the main reason why from the very beginning I sought to establish peaceful and friendly relations with neighbors and distant neighbors, finally resolve all issues on the state border, and then initiate the creation of organizations for international cooperation in various formats.

The establishment of such associations as the Eurasian Economic Union, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia, along with the historic OSCE summit in Kazakhstan, the Astana Economic Forum and the EXPO World Exhibition – all this was done for the sake of establishing relations of friendship and trust with the countries of the world and deepening economic cooperation. Life itself and the current situation confirm that the course we are taking on integration and alliance has proved to be the only right one.

The pandemic that has alarmed the world has created a new world economic crisis. Major enterprises have ceased to operate, transport links have decreased. Oil prices have collapsed. The borders were closed, mutual exchange was frozen. All this leads to an unprecedented, enormous recession, an increase in unemployment.

Our motherland, Kazakhstan, is rich in minerals, including oil. If you remember, in the past years I have repeatedly said: “We cannot rely on oil and gas deposits, we must move away from this dependence. That is why, having become an independent state, we started to diversify our economy. For this purpose, we have developed the Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy, and as part of the “Boosted Industrial and Innovative Development” programme, we have opened more than 1,000 new enterprises. Thanks to this, we began to produce products that are competitive in the world market, and new technologies came to us. This marked the beginning of the third technological modernization in our country.

The territory of Kazakhstan is covered by a network of railways and motorways unprecedented before.

As a result of systemic reforms, agriculture has received a strong impetus for development: Kazakhstan has not only reliably provided itself with meat, milk and food, but has also become one of the six countries in the world leading in grain exports.

Life has proven these reforms, which have invested considerable energy and resources in order to protect the country from future unforeseen shocks.

The first article of our Constitution states that the highest values of our State “are man, his life, rights and freedoms”. Particular attention was therefore paid to the development of the health sector. By adopting “Salamatta Kazakhstan” programme, we have built hundreds of modern hospitals and polyclinics. Having created in the capital a number of the largest scientific-medical centers equipped with the most advanced equipment, we sent their specialists for practice in the most highly developed countries of the world, as well as trained them under the program “Bolashak”. The fruits of this foresight are that in an extreme situation like today’s, when the nation’s health is threatened by enormous danger, our doctors carry out diagnostics, treatment and prevention of infectious and other diseases at a high professional level.

Of course, the situation has not been easy. It is a misfortune that puts a heavy burden on the shoulders of all nations of the world. But we will definitely overcome this misfortune thanks to the resilience of our people, their firm will and unbreakable faith in their forces, which always come to the aid in the hour of severe trials. We have everything for that: finances, material resources, technology and food supplies. Therefore, there is no reason to be confused and panicked.

It is no news to anyone that in times of adversity those who sow lies, provocation and panic will activate, using it for their own ends. I urge our people to beware of these populist and inflammatory conversations. Because the person who really cares about the public good proves his rightness not by loud statements, but by concrete good deeds. Instead of clicking and throatbbing, it is better to be self-educated and educated.

The current fight encourages us to remember and follow the winged words of the legendary commander Bauyrzhan Momyshuly: “Discipline – the basis of citizenship and the science of how not to get into slavery”. A telling example of neighboring China: thanks to the organization and iron discipline there were able to curb the disease.

Today’s Kazakhstan is not Kazakhstan 90s, when the Soviet Union was falling apart. In order not to go around the world with our outstretched hand in difficult times, we established the National Fund and the Gold and Currency Reserve of the country, which today has accumulated $90 billion, for the sake of the future of the country and new generations many years ago. If we use them wisely and sparingly, it will allow us to firmly bear the turns of history and the vicissitudes of fate that have fallen on us today.

In his address to the people of Kazakhstan, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev informed the society in detail about the assistance measures to be provided to all social groups, entrepreneurs and people engaged in agriculture. All this has become possible thanks to the achievements of the national economy and the funds already mentioned above. Yes, at one time there were those who offered to give out these funds. But, as we can see, the firmness shown by us turned out to be unflagging.

Now the Government and local executive bodies must rationally and economically implement all the planned. Every minister, every leader of the region, city and district is entrusted with the task – to mobilize all forces in a systematic, disciplined, systematic and decisive manner to overcome the situation. In this noble cause, members of the Nur Otan Party must be at the forefront.

Since the highest values of our nation are the individual and his or her life, each of us must take special care and great responsibility for the life and health of ourselves and all our loved ones. Because the health of the nation is a fundamental part of the security of our state.

I believe that at this moment such noble qualities of our people as respect for the elders and care for the younger ones will help us all.

Man’s faith in himself is a great power. It gives our character firmness, body – physical power, and heart – confidence. Today, it is especially important for us to surround the neediest with care – representatives of the older generation, veterans, mothers with many children, low-income, incapacitated. The best qualities of our people that are passed down from generation to generation call for it.  

Today, the mankind has found itself at a crossroads. The uniqueness of the current situation is that these recurrent problems, which have never touched upon so many aspects of geopolitics, economy, ecology and public life, have now started to change the very format of interstate relations. The words of the great Indian humanist Mahatma Gandhi are relevant in this regard: “If you want to change the world, start with yourself”. Just yesterday the states created mutual barriers, entered into sanctions “wars”, and now they offer each other a helping hand. This is evidence of the beginning of serious changes that are taking place at the global level.

In world history, there have been numerous wars, tense situations and conflicts that have lasted for decades or even centuries. Epidemics that have claimed millions of human lives have also occurred. Mankind has defeated all this. We, too, will overcome the current hardships. The world powers need to learn lessons from this difficult situation.

In his time, Aiteke bi said, “The purpose of the country and the human being is the future. If it is taken care of well in advance, you should not be afraid of it”. What wonderful words! Right now we need a new policy that would inspire the entire human civilization to develop, not to create obstacles.  

Any difficulties encourage people to find a way out of the impasse, to change their thinking, to improve their working methods. This contributes to the development of science and technology and to a healthy lifestyle.  We see that there are creative ways of organizing work, and even new professions. Now people have started to change the classroom nature of work to work in a remote format. All this became possible only thanks to planned, comprehensively thought out measures in due time.

Difficulties harden strong spirits, self-confident people. Therefore, we need to put aside apathy, anxiety, passivity and strengthen ourselves together with the whole world on the way out of the crisis.

According to the words of the wise Tole bi: “There where there is no unity, there is no welfare”.  There is no top that unity and harmony could not conquer. There is no higher goal for us than to constantly strengthen our independence, which our ancestors dreamed about for centuries and which we achieved almost 30 years ago.  Kazakhstan is our great common home, in which we all live in peace, friendship and harmony. Our diversity is a wealth and advantage in a competitive and global world. The source of all our achievements since independence is the unity of our people. May the Almighty protect our unity and well-being.

First of all, I appeal to representatives of the older generation and intellectuals: call upon the people for unity, good, good deeds, healthy lifestyle. Remember the wisdom: “The beginning of happiness is consent”. Educate young people so that they strive to be the first in work and study. We have a great responsibility to the young generation.

I want to say to the young generation: next year the peers of our independence will turn 30.  You are the most energetic part of society. The older generation has done everything possible for you, now it is your turn to show your strength and abilities. Strive to do good, be far from bad thoughts and disreputable deeds.  Show respect for your elders, take care of the younger ones, be friends and comrades. Never forget Abai’s admonition: “If you do not see a friend in your neighbor, all your deeds are useless”.

I appeal to entrepreneurs: thanks to independence you have created your own business, become wealthy. Now it is your turn to ask: “What can I give to my country?”.

At my request, entrepreneurs help their compatriots by providing financial and material assistance. I hope that this good deed will continue.

Wellbeing and good are where there is continuity of generations and traditions. This sacred principle should be in the heart and soul of every Kazakhstani.

It is my great happiness to lead a nation that in the most difficult times has never lost its dignity, always distinguished by its unity, kindness, hospitality and responsiveness. Therefore, in this difficult situation, I express my gratitude to all my wise and generous people.

In the years since independence, we have experienced many difficulties and crises. I have always spoken openly and clearly about all of this. You have given me great trust, it has always given me strength and energy. I am deeply grateful to all of you for that.

The health of the nation and the security of the state are inseparable concepts. The state takes all necessary measures to overcome existing difficulties. No person, no citizen of our country will be left without support.

We are one country, a united people. I have always been with the people. And today I am with you.

We are together. Without bending in front of difficulties, we will preserve our unity and harmony. Only then will we be able to preserve our independence and be worthy of our great goal “Мangilik El”.

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