“The Hour of Integrity” Ibray Altynsarin

Another “Hour of Integrity” of the Anti-Corruption Agency, attended by students of the Bolashaq Academy, was devoted to the life of Ibray Altynsarin, a prominent Kazakh educator, writer, ethnographer, scholar and folklorist, teacher of the nation.

Ibrai Altynsarin became a founding father of education in the history of Kazakh steppe, dedicating his whole conscious life to teaching Kazakh children. Opening the first folk school, he urged residents to send their children to school and wrote a textbook in the Kazakh language.

In the preface to the Kazakh-Christomatika the author wrote: “Compiling this book I wanted it to be a textbook for Kazakh children educated in Russian-Kazakh schools, and a book available for general education…”.

The importance of developing education among Kazakh youth is described by Altynsarin in many of his other works. These include poems such as “Sinister”, “Jigitter”, etc. The author from high moral point of view criticizes injustice, stealing, harmfulness of outdated traditions and reflects the advantage of honest work and humanity.

In the famous poem “Kel, balalar, okylyk” (“Let’s learn, children”), the poet skillfully used the traditions of Kazakh oral literature, comparing knowledge and ignorance, good and evil.His works are still the basis of the modern educational system.

The writer describes his ideas on morality with aesthetic education, linking them with each other.Year by year the growing value of his rich encyclopedic heritage is the pride of our people.

Undoubtedly, Ibrai Altynsarin is the founder of new poetry, the leader of education and the first teacher of the Kazakh people.

The teacher of the nation has left an indelible mark on our history. His dream is educated youth, firmly confident in the prosperous future of the nation.

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