Annual contest of student and master’s scientific works

Bolashaq Academy hosts the Annual Competition for Undergraduate and Master’s Research Papers.

Scientific research work of students and masters is an integral part of training, promotes the formation of future specialists’ readiness for the creative implementation of the knowledge, abilities and skills acquired at the Academy, helps to master the methodology of scientific search, to gain research experience.

The management of the research work is carried out by the teaching staff of the Academy and is organized directly at the Departments.

The most talented students who have a strong motivation for scientific activity participate in the annual competition from the Department of Dino: N. A. Zhumazhanova (supervisor – senior teacher Iskakova J.A.); L.S. Zhampeisova (supervisor – senior teacher Golomazova E.A.); I.R. Bashirova (supervisor – senior lecturer Bondarenko V.V.).

On February, 15 took place the second stage of competition – defense of projects. Allowed to defend the projects that have received positive feedback from the leaders.

The commission on summarizing the results of the competition consisted of the methodologist of the kindergarten “Altyn saka” Bapakhova R.J., associate professors at the department of preschool and primary education Shaltaeva R.J., Bokizhanova G.K. and a senior lecturer Zhanysbaeva R.M.

Independent scientific research of the contestants met the requirements and the Regulations of the competition. Students described the relevance, purpose and objectives of scientific research, the main stages, methods and means of achieving them, as well as the prospects for project development. Answers to the questions of the jury on the topic of research were reasoned and scientifically justified.

Associate Professor of the Department of DINO Bokizhanova G.K.

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