Meeting of the Rector of the “Bolashaq” Academy with students on-line

On April 2, 2020 the Rector of “Bolashaq” Academy, Professor Menlibayev K.N. held an on-line meeting with students on distance education issues.

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Dear students, dear teachers!

In connection with the introduction of the state of emergency in the RK and in accordance with the order of the Minister of Education and Science Askhat Kanatovich Aimagambetov from March 16 this year, all universities moved to distance learning.

Our Academy strictly adheres to this requirement and fully operates in the mode of distance learning of students.

You study till now in 2 shifts, starting from 9.30 from Monday to Friday. From this week, first and second year students on Saturdays from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm will be able to take physical education classes also in the distance learning mode. Sports activities at home will allow you to maintain your immunity and improve your health.

Due to the fact that school holidays end and more than three million students like you will study in the distance learning format from April 6th, we are changing our schedule. You understand that it is technically difficult for the Internet all over the country, the simultaneous access to the network of all schoolchildren, as well as university and college students and their teachers, tutors. Therefore, our ministry has decided to transfer all classes of students to afternoon time. And today such schedule is ready, will be signed and displayed on the website of the university. Lessons will start on Monday, April 6 at 13.50 and end at 18.40 on average.

I understand that this format of training is not easy, it is difficult for you to be at home all the time, without going out, not to communicate in a real, not virtual world with each other, with friends and relatives. But these are our realities: you have to be patient, take more study, read fiction, watch movies, in short, spiritually enrich yourself. Find something positive, useful for yourself in this difficult time for you, for us and for the whole country. The state and the government are taking all measures to protect our health and our security.

On the website of the university you will find the address of the President of the country with the announcement of the state of emergency in Kazakhstan, learn how the life of Kazakhstanis has changed. You will also see information on how to protect yourself and your loved ones, how to behave during the epidemic.

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The Government has invested significant financial and human resources to organize such large-scale work. What are our services doing to organize your Distance Education Technology (DET) training?

1) Advice and technical support has been provided to the faculty on the Moodle, myownconference and Zoom platforms.

2) Technical support for the Moodle and Mywebinar e-portals is being provided.

3. a full database of all university students is uploaded to the Moodle platform.

4.Logins and passwords for students and teachers are generated and transferred.

5.Technical support and advice is provided to students (through tutors) and faculty who previously had no experience of working remotely.

6.Content has been added to the Moodle platform in all readable disciplines and further course content is being worked on.

7.Maintenance of server equipment and computer hardware of all structural units and services of the Academy is being carried out.

8.Daily monitoring of the courses on the Moodle platform is being carried out, with further reporting to higher authorities. I can give a small comment here: Daily, when we monitor the lessons, we see who entered the class and at what time, whether the course text was read, and what content the student and teacher opened. Such monitoring is also conducted by employees of our ministry. We have provided them with passwords and opened access to the platform. So I ask everyone to show maximum conscientiousness and diligence in their studies.

Besides the fact that we have a training process, we are doing a lot of work to organize and conduct the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Science and Education in the Modern World”, dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Abai.

On April 25 at 10.00 online, you will all have the opportunity to connect to the video conference and listen to the reports of participants from abroad. Information about this will be posted on our website.

Starting from April 3, we have a forum on our website, where you can ask all your questions concerning the educational process in the online mode.

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