“We Seek Talents!” Competition

On December 4th, Bolashaq Academy used to host a competition called “We Seek Talents!” with the aim of identifying talented young individuals. This year, a new event called “Debut” has taken place instead of the annual competition, continuing the tradition of recognizing and showcasing talents.

The purpose of the event is to provide an opportunity for students to contribute to the social life of the Academy and showcase their talents, emphasizing creativity.

Students from the 1st to the 4th year participated in the competition, demonstrating their talents in singing, playing musical instruments, acting, and other forms of artistic expression. Notably, Madina Ondasynova from the singing category and Venera Duyssembekova from the acting category, both students of the Ю-21-2 group, actively participated in the competition. Yekaterina Kazantseva from the Фм-23-1 group showcased her piano skills, while Zhanas Oralov from the Ю-21-2 group demonstrated his guitar playing and singing talents.

Our talented students excelled in acting as well. Yekaterina Shitova and Vladlen Tereshchenko from ИН-21-1 group showcased their acting talents. Madina Ondasynova, not only in singing but also in acting, once again demonstrated her versatility in this competition.

At the end of the competition, the Head of the Student Council, Madina Salikova, congratulated the participating students and encouraged them to participate in upcoming events and competitions.

All our talented students in the Academy are remarkable. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to the organizer of the event, Madina Salikova, the talented students, the distinguished host, Birzhan Imanbayev, and our outstanding student, Polina Naumenko.

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