310 Years Since the Birth of the Great Khan of the Kazakhs – Abylai

On December 4th, the group advisor L.M. Zhunusova conducted a meeting with the students of Ю-21-2 group. During the the meeting, information about the life of Abylai Khan, the historical periods of the formation of the Khanate, books and publications about Abylai Khan that have recently come out were thoroughly discussed. The group leader, Usarbayeva Zhanargul, gave a presentation entitled “310 Years Since the Birth of the Great Khan of the Kazakhs – Abylai,” providing detailed information on the topic.

Abylai, through military campaigns and diplomatic efforts, elevated himself and his contemporaries to the level of great statesmen of his time. He strategically utilized military force to reclaim Kazakh territories and consolidate the strength of the nation, aiming for the full sovereignty of the Kazakh land. Abylai’s astuteness in dealing with challenges that threatened the independence of the Kazakh people is evident in his broad and well-thought-out policies. His political acumen, depth of vision, and decisiveness are clear indicators of the width and strength of Abylai’s political strategy. Every action he took was directed towards preserving the integrity of the Kazakh people, their nation, and their land.

Abylai Khan stands as an indomitable figure in Kazakh history, leaving an enduring legacy. The years of Abylai’s leadership were marked by turbulent and challenging periods, requiring resilience and determination. As a leader who gathered the entire nation under the white banner, Abylai Khan, with his wisdom and courage, was one of the revered leaders of his time. Consequently, the years of Abylai Khan’s rule are considered a golden era in Kazakh history.

The students discussed Abylai Khan’s achievements, significant historical periods, and delved into the details of his life through a detailed analysis of the film “The Nomads,” which is dedicated to the life path of Abylai. Through a comprehensive discussion, they exchanged diverse opinions on the great leader’s broad, sagacious, and brave political policies.

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