“Mister & Miss Bolashaq 2020”

Bolashaq Academy hosted its annual online photo competition “Mister&Miss “Bolashaq-2020” from November 20 to December 2, 2020.

A wonderful celebration was presented by the organizers of this event.

Thirteen couples participated in the contest. Even distant participation did not diminish the intrigue and excitement of the contestants.

During the voting process we could see the beauty and cohesion of the contestants.

The competition took place on our Academy’s official Instagram page.

It was interesting to watch all the contestants. Until the last days, it wasn’t known who would win the competition. The gap between the first place and the second place was not big. The difference was only 4 points. All couples were admirable. And all had chances to win.

Not only our students, but also all Instagram users gave their votes for the contenders in support of one or another couple.

At the end of the annual competition, the winners were the couple who applied 3 days before the end of the main vote.

And they are Merdenov Arman (U-18-2) and Kisina Zarema (F-18-1) and they are rightfully called “Mister & Miss “Bolashaq-2020”.

Couple number 9 is 4 likes behind, but they are owners of the title “Vice-Mister&Vice-Miss “Bolashaq-2020”, for which we congratulate Zhumataev Yerasil (J-18-1) and Balmukhanova Zarina (PI-19-1).

The winners were awarded diplomas and valuable prizes.

We thank the organisers of the competition and all the participants!

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