We invite you to take part in the recitation competition “Tauelsizdik – mangilik eldin tugyry”

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Dear friends!

The Academy “Bolashaq” on the threshold of the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan announces the first internal university patriotic recitation competition “Äәуåësіzdіk – мәngіліk еldіk тұғыry”.

The competition will be held online on the official page of the Academy in the social network Instagram.

Students, professors, teaching staff and employees of the Academy can take part.

Terms of the contest: to read a poem on camera for up to one minute, upload it to your tutor-adviser or the contest organizers.

The video will be posted on Instagram and a vote will select the best 3 works by students and the best 3 works by faculty, staff.

The videos of the participants will be accepted until 14 December 2020 inclusive.

The results of the competition will be announced on December 15, 2020.

Responsible for the event: Meirbek Kairbekovich Bayshigirov, Chairman of the Committee on Youth Affairs.

Diplomas and memorable gifts await the winners of the competition.

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