Curatorial hour: “The Years of Great Calamity”

On April 21, 2023, the adviser of the Department of Pedagogy Baibekova V.A. and Mekadilova S.K. held a curatorial educational hour with students of the groups PiP-19-2, PiP-20-2, PiP-22-2, PMNO-20-2, PMNO 22-2 on the topic “Aktaban shubyryndy – Alkakol sulama”.

The purpose of the curatorial educational hour:

Formation of citizenship, Kazakhstani patriotism, responsibility for the fate of their homeland.

Aktaban shubyryndy is a bitter tragedy in the history of the Kazakh people, the tragic period from 1723 to 1725.

The students were told that we should not forget about the feat of our great national heroes and khans, that we should always remember and extol him.

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