We are against corruption

On April 4, 2023, an open curatorial hour was held at the Bolashaq Academy at the Department of Pharmaceutical Disciplines. Students discussed the fight against corruption. 3 groups of 4 people participated in the curatorial hour. Discussions were held and students shared their opinions. Gulshat Asanova and Gulzhan Kartabayeva prepared a presentation on the topic “Fighting corruption”. Also, Toleugazina Aizhan, Nasihat Aisulu and Yertay Manshuk shared their opinions on corruption and fraud in the country. The students came to the conclusion that Corruption is a phenomenon that hinders the process of attracting investments in socio–economic development, the creation of a market economy, negatively affecting the political and social institutions of a democratic state, posing a significant threat to the future of the state. This topic is considered relevant today, with which the majority of those present agreed, which follows from the speeches after listening to the information. The students came to the conclusion that more often it is necessary to hold such interesting events where they can express their opinions.

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