Student Initiation Ceremony

On October 20, at Bolashaq Academy, a Student Initiation Ceremony took place for the first-year students.

The lovely event began with a congratulatory speech by the Rector of our Academy, Ms. R.G. Musiyevna.

The event proceeded with a ceremony in which first-year students took an oath. The first-year students pledged to uphold the prestigious status of the Academy, remain loyal to their institution of higher education, and actively participate in the Academy’s community life.

After taking the oath, senior students carried out the annual tradition of presenting gifts to the first-year students.

The senior students were able to create an emotional and warm atmosphere for the first-year students through their vibrant dances, engaging games, and wonderful vocal performances.

Bolashaq Academy wholeheartedly congratulates the first-year students on their enrollment as part of our student body. May your student life be smooth and exciting, offering wonderful memories that will remain with you forever. Welcome to our Academy!

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