Blood Donor’s Day at Bolashaq Academy

On October 20, 2023, the Regional Blood Center, a state institution, organized a Donor Day at Bolashaq Academy. Eighteen students and seven Academy staff members donated blood.

Did you know that the word “Donare” stands for “giving a gift” in Latin? Indeed, donation is the selfless act of giving one’s own blood to those in need, such as burn victims, trauma patients, those undergoing complex surgeries, difficult childbirths, as well as individuals with hemophilia or anemia. Every third person on Earth may need donor blood at least once in their lifetime. To ensure an uninterrupted supply of donor blood and its components for medical organizations, there is a constant need to replenish their reserves.

The standard volume of a whole blood donation is 450 ml, which is approximately 7% of an adult’s total blood volume. The body can replenish such a blood loss within two days.

The theoretical basis for blood transfusion was established in 1628 when English scientist William Harvey discovered the laws of circulation. In 1666, another English scientist, Richard Lower, performed a blood transfusion from one dog to another. The first human-to-human blood transfusion was conducted in 1818. The significant advancement in blood transfusion came with the discovery of blood groups by Australian scientist Karl Landsteiner in 1901.

In the Republic of Kazakhstan blood and its components donation is based on the legal framework outlined in the Republic of Kazakhstan Code of July 7, 2020, No. 360-VI ZRK, “On the Health of the People and the Healthcare System”.

Not everyone is aware that blood donation benefits the donor as well. By stimulating the activity of blood-forming organs, immunity is strengthened, cholesterol levels are reduced, and harmful substances are removed from the body. The body is rejuvenated and refreshed!

Donors receive test results for infections and a confidential document specifying their blood type and Rh factor. They are also issued a two-day work (or school) exemption certificate and a financial compensation of 863 tenges.

In three months, the Regional Blood Center plans to organize another Donor Day at our location. Take a moment to consider whether you too would like to donate blood!

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