Online meeting of the Rector of the Academy with the faculty of Departments

It is not the first year that Bolashaq Academy has mastered and practiced new technologies, which, among other things, can be used for distance learning. These skills and the availability of modern technical facilities, the work of which is provided by highly qualified staff, proved to be very useful during the global pandemic and the introduction of quarantine in Karaganda region. The fate and life success of hundreds of students from different regions of Kazakhstan depends, without exaggeration, on the work of the Academy and the ability of its teachers and staff to use new technologies in training. Having entered our Academy, they get a decent education and no difficulties can be a barrier in this aspiration.

This and many other things related to the new working conditions were discussed on April 15, 2020 at the meeting of the faculty of Pre-school and Primary Education Departments and Pedagogy and Psychology with the leadership of the Academy under the chairmanship of the Rector, Professor K.N. Menlibayev. The most important and unusual thing about the working meeting was that it was held for the first time via video using Skype. Several special circumstances of the participants of the meeting, who strictly followed the decrees of the President on work in quarantine conditions and were at their workplaces…at home, did not prevent this meeting from being held in a business format. In addition to the general problems of distance learning, the participants of the meeting also discussed issues related to quarantine practices, preparations for the State exams and the defense of diploma works, preparations for the traditional scientific-practical conference which will also be held in a distance format on April 24.

At the end of the meeting the Rector shared pleasant information about the passing of our Academy of Accreditation and noted that the work of the team was recognized as satisfactory. He also noted the good work of Vice-Rectors Smolkina T.P. and Kireeva U.T. and expressed gratitude for the explanatory work, seminars on the work of DOT for students and faculty in emergency situations.
Also Kuralbay Nesipbekovich suggested professor Smolkina T.P. to take part in competition on innovations in the conditions of distance learning and labor activity of collectives of higher education institutions of RK, conducted by Association of higher education institutions of RK together with MES of RK and National chamber of businessmen of RK.
On video communication for work in the meeting simultaneously went 25 teachers of departments, who also had the opportunity to ask questions to the leadership of the university.
At the end of the meeting it was also decided to hold meetings of this format on a weekly basis.

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