About the APPLICATION APPLICATION FOR UNT (JUNE) (for those wishing to apply for a grant)

Acceptance of documents for submission of UNT (June) will be made from April 20 to May 10, 2020.

In connection with the extension of the emergency regime in the RK until May 01, 2020 the work of the admission committee for the reception of applications from school leavers of previous years and TPE graduates to participate in the Unified National Testing will be carried out on a “remote on-line” basis until the end of quarantine. Applicants can also apply at http://ent2020.testcenter.kz by pre-registering). Payment for UNT – 2242 tenge.

Below are the contacts (there is WhatsApp) and e-mail address of the responsible secretary (OS) of the admissions committee.

The work of the OS is carried out in the following order:

  • The CB explains all the points on the delivery of documents for UNT and receives by messenger “WhatsApp” or by mail photos or in Pdf format all the necessary documents (certificate or diploma, receipt of payment for UNT, etc.);
  • further, the OS registers this applicant for the NCT portal;
  • after successful registration, sends the applicant (messenger) a certificate and application for UNT;
  • the entrant checks all his/her personal data and the language of passing UNT, and for college graduates it is important to check the specialty for which he or she is applying for a grant in a reduced form of education;
  • if there are errors, the OS makes corrections and sends the applicant again;
  • only after the approval of the entrant, the OS saves all the data of the applicant and informs that he will now need to get a pass to UNT, the terms of issuing passes will be announced additionally.

After the end of the state of emergency, the applicant submits the following documents to the admissions committee:

1) Application;

2) 2 photo cards 3 x 4 centimeters in size;

3) a document on general secondary education or technical and professional, post-secondary education (original) or a certificate;

4) a copy of an identity document;

5) electronic medical certificate 86-U.

Contact information:

Executive Secretary of the Admissions Office Kaldybayeva Aigul Kudaibergenovna

Tel: 8-700-305-02-09 (available Whats App);

E-mail address: opr_bolashak@mail.ru.

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