Results of the Olympiad “til-Kazyna-2023”

On 17.03.2023 at 10.00. on the MOODLE platform in online format, the Department of Kazakh language and Literature of the Bolashaq Academy held the second stage of the Olympiad “TIL-KAZYNA-2023” (the link was sent the day before).

Preparations for the contest “Til Kazyna-2023” were systematically carried out. The senior teacher responsible for the competition, Abylbaeva B. A., prepared the materials of the competition, the ACT, familiarized herself with the application papers, submitted applications for letters of thanks and certificates to the Academy’s publishing house.

The chairman of the commission was the head of the department, professor Sembiev K. Z., the members of the commission were elected associate professor of the department Abdrakhmanov R. H., Ph.D., associate professor Baymurynov Zh. M., associate professor of the department Ismailova R. N., senior lecturer Abylbaeva B. A.

At the ceremony of the second stage, the head of the Department of Kazakh Language and Literature, Professor Sembiev Kurmangazy Zakirovich made a welcoming speech and wished the participants good luck. In the Olympiad on reading monologues from works of art and journalistic works on the topic of the village, native land, dedicated to “2023 zhyl -Auyl Zhyly ”, (the volume of the passage is not less than 300-350 words, the duration of time is 2 minutes, reading by heart), all students who passed the 2nd round took part.

In conclusion, the winners of the “TIL-KAZYNA 2023” competition achieved the following results:

1st place – 100% discount on payment for 1 year of study;

Bolat Dilyara Yerlankyzy (Karaganda, named after Alikhan Bukeikhanov);

2nd place – 50% discount for 1 year of study;

Askarova Aliya Gazizovna (Bukhar Zhyrau district, Sheshenkara village, Sheshenkara Secondary school of KSU);

3rd place – 25% discount for 1 year of study.

Kapas Shugyla (Karkaraly, Kazakh School No. 1 named after O. Zhautikov).

Congratulations to the winners!

Senior lecturer of the Department of Kazakh Language and Literature Abylbaeva B.A. said that according to the results of the competition, the winners will be awarded certificates and letters of thanks to the leaders, congratulated the winners and wished them a good journey.

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