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For his contribution to education, the head of the Kazakh language and literature department, Professor of the Academy “Bolashaq” Sembiyev Kurmangazy Zakirovich was awarded a certificate of merit by the akim of Karaganda region.

We congratulate Kurmangazy Zakirovich and wish him further success and victories!

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Kurmangazy Zakirovich Sembiev was born in 1962 in the Syr Darya region. After graduating with honors from a 10-year high school, in 1980 he entered the Faculty of Philology of KarSU, majoring in “Kazakh language and literature.” From an early age, the young man, eager for knowledge and science, immediately caught the eye of his teachers. The mainstay of the Department of Kazakh Linguistics was Kalzhan Tungyshbayevich, Toleubay Kordabayev, Abzhan Kuryshzhanovich, Fatima Kenzhebayeva, Kairolla Nurmukanov, Sabila Tulekovna, Ulbek Ospalakova, Sultan Ibrayev.

In 1986, a young specialist entered the graduate school in the Syr Darya region, where he began his career full of work and research in science. Having gained experience working in various universities, Kurmangazy Zakirovich is currently a candidate of philological sciences, associate professor of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science, professor of the Bolashaq Academy. He has published about 100 publications, 4 monographs and 14 textbooks. Lectures students and undergraduates in the field of linguistics, Turkology, general linguistics, syntax of the modern Kazakh language, new directions in Kazakh linguistics, the theoretical foundations of the chronology of language history, historical and comparative study of Turkic languages.

An experienced and qualified specialist, as the head of the department of the Kazakh language and literature, made the department one of the leading teams of the academy.

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Kurmangazy Zakirovich, who worked hard in the field of Kazakh language education, has a great reputation among colleagues and students. The best teacher is a member of the Methodological Council of the Resource Language Center of the Department of Language Development of Karaganda region and the working group on the transition to Latin script in Karaganda region, etc. extracurricular social activities and awards.

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Today, thanks to such hard work, Akim of Karaganda region awarded him with a Certificate of Merit and praised his achievements

Congratulating Kurmangazy Zakirovich on his award, we wish him good health, well-being of his family, and much more. Undoubtedly, Kurmangazy Zakirovich, the master of linguistics and the founder of his fundamental works, still has a long way to go. Continue to rise to the heights of knowledge, to the heights of science, by leading the way in imparting advanced knowledge and making exemplary disciples.

The staff of the department of Kazakh language and literature

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