Successful holding of the Republican Olympiad at the Specialized Boarding School “Murager”

On March 4, the Republican Olympiad for schoolchildren of grades 5-6 was held at the Specialized Boarding School “Murager”. The event brought together talented young participants from different parts of the country, where they demonstrated their knowledge and skills in various fields.

The Olympiad was a series of intellectual tests created specifically for elementary school students. Within the framework of the event, students competed in natural sciences, Kazakh and Russian, and other subjects.

The Olympiad jury consisted of experienced teachers and lecturers who were invited from various universities in Karaganda. In natural sciences, a lecturer of the Department of Pharmaceutical Disciplines, a master’s degree and a young scientist Tutai Daryn Sultangaliuli was invited to the jury. The students demonstrated impressive knowledge and skills, surprising all those present with their abilities and desire to win.

The Republican Olympiad for schoolchildren of grades 5-6 at the Specialized Boarding School “Murager” has become not only a test of knowledge, but also a platform for sharing experiences and strengthening friendly ties between participants. The event emphasized the importance of developing the intellectual potential of the younger generation and encouraging them to actively study, as well as helped identify young talents in various fields of knowledge.

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