Curatorial hour on the theme “March 1st is the Day of Gratitude”

The Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication pays special attention to culture, society and tolerance. Every year, the Department of IIA and MK with students of the OP: Foreign language: Two foreign languages organize different events for the Day of Gratitude.

On March 1st, 2024, a curatorial hour was held on the theme “Gratitude Day”. This curatorial hour was held in the form of a discussion, which was attended by students of the In-22-1,2 groups under the guidance of senior advisor Abdresheva Madina Kabbasovna.

Purpose: to reveal the meaning of the concept of “gratitude day”; to form students’ understanding that these concepts are important to each of them for the development of cultural values and human relationships.

On March 1, 1995, the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan was established in Kazakhstan, and in 2015, as part of the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the Assembly, the Head of State proposed to declare this day a Day of Gratitude, when the peoples of the country can thank each other and the Kazakhs for tolerance and hospitality in those years when many peoples were deported to the country. Then there was a discussion of these issues:

“When your heart is full of gratitude, any door
that seems closed can lead you to amazing discoveries.”

– How do you understand these words?

– Why do doors open if you’re just grateful

– How can you explain what GRATITUDE is?

Students express their opinions and share examples

The BENEFIT is what we do and get gratitude for it.

A GIFT is our good deeds that we do towards other people and get gratitude for them.

GLAD — any person will be glad to receive gratitude for his act, as a response that he is doing it for a reason.

HARMONY — peace, harmony and tranquility will always be present if we are grateful to each other

Students clearly understand the essence of the word “gratitude” and answer the questions correctly and with arguments.

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