Bolashaq Academy accepts an application for the Unified National Testing (June) from graduates of secondary, technical and vocational or post-secondary education organizations. Acceptance of documents – 20.04.2020.-10.05.2020.
1) The deadlines for accepting applications were changed: from April 20 to May 10;
2) Persons of Kazakh nationality who are not citizens of RK, graduates of schools of the current year who have finished school abroad instead of documents on the termination of school will provide the certificate from the organization of secondary education in which he studies, in any form with notarially certificated translation into the state or Russian languages;
3) Medical Certificate 086-U has been replaced by an electronic format;
4) The UNT paper certificate has been replaced by an electronic certificate;
5) In case of detection of prohibited items in the incoming ones during the launch for testing, the incoming ones are not allowed for this testing, as well as for subsequent UNTs in the current year;
6) In case of detection of prohibited items during the UNT, the results of testing are cancelled and the incoming UNT is not allowed in the current year;
7) An entrant who involves a “front person” in the UNT is not allowed to be tested in the current year;
8) After the completion of the UNT by August 25 of the calendar year, the analysis of video recordings will be made. In case of detection of the use of prohibited items in the incoming person, the results of UNT and the contest will be cancelled.
Due to the state of emergency, documents are accepted from 20 April to 10 May. Testing takes place from June 20 to July 5.
Step 1: You need to submit a preliminary online application:
At click the registration button and specify your e-mail;
Sign in at the site with login and password received by e-mail;
Specify your IIN and identify yourself (if your IIN data is not found or is not displayed correctly, in this case the registration should be made by transferring your data to the admissions committee without submitting a preliminary application). Graduates of the current year who graduated from the educational institution abroad, including persons of Kazakh nationality who are not citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan also apply to the Admissions Office without submitting a preliminary application;
Enter their registration data in the interface;
Make payment by one of the following methods: by bank card or via The cost of testing – 2242 tenge;
Make a note of the unique application number and inform the technical secretary.
Step 2 (after lifting the state of emergency)
To the admissions committee of the university to submit the necessary documents:

  1. Application (submitted to the university);
  2. Copy of the identity document;
  3. Two photos in size 3 x 4;
  4. certificate of general secondary education, diploma of technical and vocational education, diploma of post-secondary education (original);
  5. Medical certificate on form 086-U, in electronic format.
    To obtain a pass, you need to contact the admission committee of the university (after the emergency mode is removed).
    After receiving the pass, check it:
  6. Name (if any);
  7. general professional and special discipline (for persons who have applied for a shortened study period);
  8. testing language.
    In case of incorrect data, contact the admissions committee.
    You must have it with you to run the test:
    Test pass;
    A pen with black or blue paste.
    Procedure of work:
    Familiarize yourself with the rules of conducting UNT;
    Fill in the service sectors carefully;
    Check the integrity, completeness and printing quality of the book;
    Complete the test tasks and fill in the answer sheet;
    Hand over the answer sheet and the book to the audience officer on duty.
    To leave the auditorium without permission and without being accompanied by a representative of the Ministry;
    Negotiate, transfer from one place to another, exchange testing materials and bring testing materials from the audience;
    To use mobile communication and other electronic devices, teaching aids, cheat sheets, calculator;
    Damage test materials (answer sheets and books);
    Use a corrective fluid, paint over sectors not foreseen for this (answer sheet number);
    After the testing time has expired, it is necessary to hand over the materials to the person on duty, otherwise the results are not accepted.
    Intentional damage to the security system.
    (optionally in Kazakh, Russian or English)
Mandatory subjects: Mathematical literacy; History of Kazakhstan; Literacy reading. It is proposed to choose one correct answer out of five proposed. The number of test tasks for each subject – 20.Two profile subjects. From 1 to 20 you are asked to choose one correct answer out of five offered, from 21 to 30 you are asked to choose one or more correct answers. Number of test assignments for each major.

Optionally, holders of international certificates confirming proficiency in English, at least: IELTS – 6.0, TOEFL ITP – at least 310 points, TOEFL IBT – 79 points are exempt from the subject “Foreign Language (English)”.
Time of testing – 3 hours 50 minutes.
(optionally in Kazakh or Russian)

General professional discipline It is proposed to choose one correct answer out of five suggested. The number of test tasks for the discipline is 20.Special discipline 1 to 20 is offered to choose one correct answer out of five offered; Test assignments 21 to 30 require choosing one or more (maximum 6); correct answers, test assignments 31 to 40 situation test assignments with choosing one correct answer.

Optionally, holders of international certificates confirming proficiency in English, at least: IELTS – 6.0, TOEFL ITP – at least 310 points, TOEFL IBT – 79 points are exempt from the special discipline “Foreign Language (English)”.
Time of testing – 1 hour 40 minutes.
Declared by the State Commission on the same day;
To be displayed on the information stand at the venue;
No paper certificate shall be issued;
The test result can be found at (when entering the ICT and IIN of the person under test);
In case of disagreement with the results, the person under test may file an appeal.
Applications for appeal are accepted until 13.00 hours the day following the announcement of the results of the UNT.
An appeal is heard in cases:
As to content:
1) The correct answer does not coincide with the code of correct answers (the option of correct answer is indicated);
2) There is no correct answer;
3) There is more than one correct answer in the test tasks with the choice of one correct answer out of all proposed ones (all variants of correct answers are indicated);
4) Incorrectly composed test task;
5) There is no fragment of the test task condition (text, schemes, figures, tables) as a result of which it is impossible to determine the correct answer.
For technical reasons:
1) Scanner reads a painted mug that matches the code of each correct answer,
like two or more clubs;
2) The scanner reads a painted mug that matches the correct answer code as
an empty circle;
3) Faulty answer sheet.
Receiving documents and conducting a special exam for admission in the field of education “Pedagogical Sciences” is carried out at the Academy “Bolashaq”. Dates: from June 20 to August 24.
To participate in the contest an applicant submits the following documents to the admission committee of the university:
1) application on the form of the established sample or through the web-application system;
2) education document (original);
3) medical certificate on form 086-U (electronic) ;
4) copy of the identity document;
5) copy of international certificate IELTS, TOEFL IBT,
TOEFL ITP (if available).
Acceptance of applications: from July 13 to July 20.
Holding: from 21 July to 1 August
Admission of students to the Academy “Bolashaq” is held by the admission committee from August 10 to 25 of the calendar year.
The admission committee of the university is attached to the application for admission:
1) documents on general secondary or technical and
vocational, post-secondary education (original);
2) copy of an identity document;
3) 6 photocards of 3 x 4 centimeters in size;
4) electronic medical certificate on form 086-U;
5) an extract from the register (for those arriving by
to higher education programmes,
requiring special and/or creative training),
6) certificate of awarding an educational grant (at
in its presence);
7) international certificate IELTS,TOEFL ITP,TOEFL IBT
(if available).
Contact phones:
8 (7212) 42-04-21 fax
8 (7212) 42-04-25 reception rector
8 (7212) 42-04-35 reception committee

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