A Concert in Honor of Republic Day

On October 24th, a concert event dedicated to Republic Day took place at Bolashaq Academy. The concert commenced with the national anthem and continued with warm greetings from the Academy’s Rector, G.M. Rysmagambetova.

The festive event continued with a solemn presentation of letters of gratitude from the academy and honorary certificates and letters of gratitude from Akim of the Region and City to teachers and employees of our Academy. We heartily congratulate the recipients of these awards!

Following this, a concert event took place where our active students sang songs and congratulated the audience with spirited poetry. The hosts of the party were Polina Naumenko and the talented showman Birzhan Imanbayev, along with our talented students:

  • K-20-1 Aymaral Zhuragat
  • Ю-20-1 Madina Ondasynova
  • K-21-1 Qymbat Shari
  • Ю-21-2 Zhannargul Userbayeva
  • ИН-22-2 Ulzhan Khagazbay

We warmly welcome you all!

K-20-1 Aymaral Zhuragat
Ю-20-1 Madina Ondasynova
К-21-1 Qymbat Shari
Ю-21-2 Zhanargul Userbayeva

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