Charity is a good deed

In our time, such qualities as mercy and kindness are very valuable. It is very important to remain a person with a kind heart and soul, so that our world becomes kinder and brighter surrounded by debauchery of material values and unconsciousness.

In the holy month of Ramadan, under the leadership of the chairman of the Youth Affairs Committee of the Bolashaq Academy, Baishagirov Meyrbek Kairbekovich, students of the volunteer movement “Meirim” visited the house of Nurbolat, a person with disabilities, a resident of the village of Maikuduk.

Kindness is a virtue, a symbol of humanity. Being truly kind means taking care of others more than yourself, putting the interests of others above your own. If the good will that we carry out for this purpose finds its place in our hearts, then what we do can be defined differently. Nurbolat’s mother expressed sincere gratitude to the youth and wished them the best in life.

In the traditional Kazakh ethical system, kindness has found harmony between people with such noble qualities as humanity, virtue and dignity, morality and decency. It is very important to help the weak and helpless, and this good will definitely return.

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