Vocational guidance work of the Department of DiNO

In a time of pandemic, it is very difficult to continue to communicate in the traditional way, to work the way we used to work, to learn the way we used to learn. But other opportunities have emerged, technical ones that are now beginning to be widely used.

With the help of one of the online platforms on May 14 a meeting was held with students of Karaganda College of Humanities by associate professors of the Department of DiNO Academy “Bolashaq” Bokizhanova G.K. and Samokhin A.Y.

The College has a pedagogical direction, so the interest that college students showed in this meeting is understandable. After the information message of teachers, students actively asked questions about tuition fees, various educational programs of the Academy, about the material and technical base and the further prospects of postgraduate education.

The questions asked by the students, undoubtedly, determine their interest in continuing their professional education and there is confidence that in the coming academic year our Academy will add new students in pedagogical specialties from Karaganda Humanities College.

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