Final conference on pre-graduation internship OP “Pedagogy and psychology

May 15, 2021 held a final conference on the externship with 4th year students of educational program “Pedagogy and Psychology” online.
The final conference was held by the senior teachers of the department “Pedagogy and Psychology” Mekadilova S.K., Shutenova S. S., Makhmutova G. S.

Final conference on the educational program” pedagogy and psychology” On May 15, 2021, the final conference on pre-graduate practice with students of the 4th year of the educational program “pedagogy and psychology” was held online. The final conference was conducted by senior teachers of the Department” pedagogy and psychology ” Mekadilova S. K., Shutenova S. S., Makhmutova G. S. Pre-graduate practice is aimed at consolidating theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge; checking the professional readiness of The Bachelor for independent work; deepening the practical experience of the student, developing general and professional competencies, preparing for the performance of final qualification work.

The pre-graduate practice consists of two stages: the first is the planning and execution of research work, the second is the processing and analysis of the information received and the preparation of the final work for preliminary defense.

During the conference, students reported on their work on the research section of their final qualification work.

During the internship, our students learned a lot of innovations and gained a lot of experience at the final online conference via Skype. Questions were asked by the leaders of the practice, suggestions and wishes were discussed.

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