Participation in the round table at the Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies

On April 25 of this year, a round table on asset recovery was held at the Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies under the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The round table was attended by Professor of the Department of Legal and Financial Disciplines Khan Alexander Leonidovich. Our professor has traditionally represented our department and the region as a whole from the scientific community for more than a year and is a welcome guest and a great expert on the problems of modern criminal procedure law.

The event was held at a high scientific and theoretical level. Experts in the field of criminal procedure and criminalistics discussed the current problems of legal justification and the process of optimizing the return of illegally exported assets abroad.

The resolution of these problems in our country is one of the burning issues of our society. In this regard, this event is not just relevant from the point of view of modern jurisprudence, but also has a special significance in building the Republic of Kazakhstan and satisfying the aspirations of our people in matters of restoring historical justice. And in this regard, the consideration of this problem within the walls of the university supervised by the highest supervisory authority of the country is an indicator of the implementation of the ideas of the current President!

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