Curatorial hour on the theme “We are against corruption!”

05.04.2023 senior lecturer of the Department of IA and MC Abilzhan A.B. held a curatorial hour on the topic “We are against corruption!”. This curatorial hour was attended by 2nd year students In-21-1,2 and In-21-1k, 2k.

Purpose: to promote the formation of anti-corruption consciousness among students, the formation of a model of “zero” tolerance in matters of anti-corruption policy


  1. To characterize the concept of “corruption”, to introduce the forms of corruption, its consequences and ways to combat it.
  2. To broaden the horizons of students, to form their own worldview on the problems of modern society,
  3. To foster responsibility for their own actions and deeds, consciousness and social activity in adolescents.

The first question was – What is corruption? 1 response from each group, read out by one representative. If necessary, the teacher corrects, clarifies, and says again what corruption is.

Corruption is the direct use by an official of his official position for personal enrichment; as a rule, it is accompanied by a violation of the rule of law.

Depending on the field of activity , corruption manifests itself in the following forms: Everyday corruption is generated by the interaction of ordinary citizens and officials. It includes various gifts from citizens and services to an official and his family members.

Business corruption occurs when government and business interact. For example, in the case of an economic dispute, the parties may seek to enlist the support of a judge in order to make a decision in their favor.

Corruption is one of the most serious problems of our society, which requires immediate solution. I am glad that the fight against corruption has begun very seriously.

Think about what ways you can fight corruption. Each group must come up with 2 ways.

This is the only way to create all the necessary legal, economic and political prerequisites for a full and effective fight against corruption and its causes.

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