The level of subjective control as a behavioral pattern of personality

The April meeting of the “Personality Plus” psychological club brought together students from various educational programs: “Pedagogy and Psychology,” “Pedagogy and Methods of Primary Education,” “Jurisprudence,” and “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages.”

Sofia Husainova, the president of the “Personality Plus” psychological club, noted that today’s meeting is dedicated to the issue of achieving harmony in one’s life, becoming the master of one’s own destiny, and confidently moving towards set goals.

The key concept in this reflection is personal activity, which refers to our ability to act, overcome obstacles, and influence the surrounding world.

But what lies at the foundation of this activity?

Where does the energy for moving forward come from?

The answer lies in the complex interaction of two factors: willpower and subjective control. Willpower is our ability to consciously control ourselves, set goals, and achieve them. Subjective control is our belief that we can influence the events of our lives, that our actions matter.

It is the level of subjective control that directly influences the strength of our will. The more we believe in ourselves, in our ability to control events, the stronger our motivation, and the more actively we act.

  • Internal and external locus of control as behavioral vectors of personal activity (Sofia Husainova).

“Willpower as the primary cognitive process in human life: the dependency of willpower on the level of subjective control” – Daria Nurshinova

“Motive and its Influence on the Level of Subjective Control” – Elizaveta Kerimova

“Paradoxes of Locus of Control in Human Activity” – Asel Kasenovna Akhmetova, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Legal and Financial Disciplines.

“Predisposition of Personality Psychotypes to Internality and Externality” – Tatiana Fedyaeva.

Today, we reflected on the psychological mechanism of subjective control, its impact on our lives, and, most importantly, how to develop it to achieve harmony and become truly active creators of our destiny.

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