Spartakiad among students of the Academy

In honor of the memorable dates: the 34th anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, as well as the 21st anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from the Republic of Tajikistan, representatives of the Youth Affairs Committee of the Academy, in order to foster patriotism and active citizenship, organized a sports Spartakiad in four sports at the Students’ House: table tennis, arm wrestling, checkers and darts, where not only students of the Academy living in the House of Students took an active part, but also invited veterans of the Afghan, Tajik-Afghan war, students of the Higher Karaganda College “Bolashaq”.

The sports event is aimed at developing and popularizing sports and a healthy lifestyle among young people, and identifying the best of them.

The sports contest allows you to solve the following tasks:

– to form a commitment to sports and a healthy lifestyle;

– to rally the team;

– determine the physical fitness of students;

– to form and strengthen team spirit.

The participants of the Spartakiad were satisfied with the sports event held. The winners were awarded medals and a personal diploma.

Arm Wrestling:

1st place – Bazarbayev Nuraddin, gr.Yu-20-2

2nd place – Fayziev Sherzod, gr.Fm-20-3

3rd place – Sultanov Sardor, gr.Fm-20-1


1st place – Tatiana Genkel, gr.Mt-19-2

2nd place – Akmaral Seit, gr.E-22-1

3rd place – Zhanali Zhomart, gr.DMB-22-1

Table tennis:

1st place – Zhunusov Dias, gr.MT-20-1

2nd place – Bazarbayev Nuraddin, gr.Yu-20-2

3rd place – Fayziev Sherzod, gr.Fm-20-3


1st place – Erkinbek Medet, gr.Dm-22-3

2nd place – Elizaveta Romanova, gr.Fc-21-4

3rd place – Postnikova Valeria, gr.Dm-22-3

“Sports events occupy a special place in the life of every person who adheres to a healthy lifestyle. Today, sports are actively being introduced into various spheres of life. The Spartakiad was held in an easy and friendly atmosphere,” commented Meyrbek Baishagirov, Chairman of the KDM.

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