The teacher is a great name. Evening in memory of K. N. Menlibayev.

On March 29, a regional-level event dedicated to the memory of Academician K.N. Menlibayev took place within the walls of the Bolashaq Academy. The evening was attended by the widow of academician Ayman Abenovna, well-known citizens of the city and the republic, scientists, as well as professors, teachers, graduates and students of the Academy.

The evening was spent by Professor K.Z. Sembiev and the academic secretary of the Academy B.T. Akhmetova.

The master of aitys, akyn Aitbai Zhumagulov performed a poetic dedication to the respected citizen, activist, teacher K. N.Menlibaev.

The evening was opened by the Chairman of the Board, Rector of Karaganda University named after E. A. Buketov, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Law, Professor N.O. Dulatbekov, who noted that the work of a teacher is an achievement that is possible only through tireless search, and stressed that the Academy is following the path laid out and indicated by K.N. By Menlibaev.

A faithful friend of the mentor, D. M. Sarsenbayev, said that Menlibayev K.N. is not only a great teacher, but also a faithful, true friend who shared his experience with his colleagues, was constantly in creative search and striving for new things.

Well-known citizens in the region, family members, friends and colleagues of the teacher spoke at the evening, who shared their memories of a unique person, a qualified, skillful leader.

The memory of the teacher was honored on behalf of the graduates of the Academy D. Zhanabaev and on behalf of the student government, an active student Z. Hartman. They reminded that the spiritual value of a mentor is his pure, friendly attitude towards a person.

Contemporaries, colleagues, and students of K.N. Menlibayev, telling memorable stories about him, noted his good qualities and emphasized that Kuralbai Nesipbekovich had always been a role model for students.

In conclusion, the wife of academician K. N.Menlibayeva Ayman Abenovna expressed gratitude and appreciation for the preparation of the memorial evening and conveyed her sincere wishes to the public.

Rector of the Bolashaq Academy Rysmagambetova G.M. presented Ayman Abenovna with flowers and a portrait of K. N.Menlibayev. The guests were also presented with a book of memory dedicated to the life and work of the Honored Worker of Education, Academician Kuralbai Nesipbekovich Menlibayev, published in the Bolashaq Academy.

A memorial book dedicated to the honorary teacher was presented to the general public.

The book is dedicated to the life and work of the region’s famous Honored Worker of Education, academician Kuralbai Nesipbekovich Menlibayev, who made a significant contribution to the development of higher education.

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