Round table “Prevention of cruelty and violence” Blessing from elders

On March 30, 2024, senior teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication Abdresheva M. K. and Ganeev R. R. visited the House of Students of the Bolashaq Academy and held a round table on the topic “Prevention of violence and cruelty”. with college and Academy students living in it.

The goal: to help an adult form an active life position based on self-respect as a person and respect for other people. We live in a very difficult and cruel time. Crimes among teenagers are increasing every day, antisocial groups are forming, committing crimes, and the number of drug addicts is growing. You and I, ordinary citizens, can no longer walk the streets in peace in the evening. But the most terrible thing is violence. During the round table, rich questions were asked

  1. What does it mean, in your opinion, to be abused?
  2. Do you consider it quite possible to show violence to a person in our time?
  3. What types of violence do you think exist in the real world?
  4. Have you ever experienced violence against yourself?
  5. Do you consider it possible to be violent towards yourself?
  6. Is it possible to prevent violence against oneself?
  7. What should be done for this?
  8. Do your parents talk to you about this topic?
  9. What points do they pay attention to when talking to you about this topic?
  10. Where do you think you might encounter violence against yourself?

Students actively participated in the round table, answered questions and expressed their opinions.

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