The results of the Bolashaq Academy SRW Contest 2021

The Republican scientific-practical conference for students, graduate students, doctoral candidates and young scientists (with international participation) “Youth and the global problems of our time” was held on February 26, 2021 in “Bolashaq” Academy, where the winners and prize-winners of the scientific research competition 2021 were announced at the plenary session.

Students and undergraduates of all courses of the Academy took part in the competition of scientific works. For each research direction of the competition (8 directions) the best works were determined:

  1. Prospects for the development of legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  2. Problems of financial system and increase of competitiveness of the national economy;
  3. Psychological and pedagogical aspects of the developing personality;

Innovative approaches in organization of processes of upbringing, training and development of personality in conditions of noncontinuous education; 4;

  1. Kazakh Philology: present and future; 3;
  2. Knowledge of languages is the basis for intercultural communication
  3. Actual problems of social and humanitarian sciences;
  4. Current problems of chemical-pharmaceutical and biological-medical sciences at the modern stage of development.

The R&D competition itself had two stages:

1) First stage. In the period from December 21 to February 1, 2021 was carried out at the chairs, which selected the best work, which are sent to participate in the university stage of the competition.

Recommended by chairs or scientific circles, properly designed, competitive work sent to the chairman of the Board of Young Scientists in Word format by 17:00 February 8, 2021 (e-mail:

Second stage. From February 12 to February 22, 2021 – work of expert commissions. Approved by the Rector’s order the competition expert commissions on all educational programs considered the received works, evaluated their quality and importance, also together with the chairperson of SMU determined the prizes.

Each department went out separately to interview the contestants, resulting in three papers from each department: Preschool and Elementary Education, Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication, Legal Disciplines, and Pedagogy and Psychology. Meetings were held online (Skype).

According to the decision of the commissions, which did a great job from February 12 to February 22, the best of the best works, which took first place, were chosen:

  1. Bekdosova Kamila – student of group IN-18-1, department of foreign language and intercultural communication
  2. Tilep Tozhan – student of group МЮ-19-2, Department of Legal Disciplines
  3. Zhumazhanova Nurzhamal – student of group dPMNO-19-2c, department of pre-school and elementary education
  4. Kaly Corlan – a student of group PP-19-2, the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology

The II degree diplomas were awarded to the contestants:

  1. Ilina Gulnara – student of group DIN-19-1c, department of foreign language and intercultural communication
  2. Мұkhangalieva Aruzhan – a student of group Ю-18-2, chair of legal disciplines
  3. Zhampeisova Laura is a student of group DOV-19-1, chair of preschool and elementary education
  4. Uratay Danagul – student of group PI-17-2, Department of Pedagogy and Psychology

The third place was awarded to the contestants:

  1. Shayakhmet Nurgul – student of group DIN-19-2c, chair of foreign language and intercultural communication
  2. turkenich Nikita – the student of group U-18-1, chair of legal disciplines
  3. Bashirova Ilmira – student of group DOV-18-1, chair of preschool and elementary education
  4. Perepechkina Karina, Nazarova Dilnaza – students of group

Pip-19-1, Pedagogy and Psychology Chair

The awarding ceremony was also held online.

Contestants and their supervisors were awarded diplomas and letters of thanks in the solemn atmosphere.

With all our heart we congratulate both young researchers and their supervisors with the successful results of the competition, which allows young scientists to make themselves known!

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