Curatorial hour “Halloween”

The curatorial hour on the theme “Halloween” was held on 03.11.22 by senior lecturer, Master of the Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication Abilzhan Altynai Bolatkyzy.

Students of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd courses participated in the curatorial hour.

The purpose of the event: to summarize the knowledge of students about the customs and traditions of “Halloween” that exist in English-speaking countries.


– to activate the cultural and creative activities of students;

– stimulate students’ interest in learning English;

– to continue the development of students’ oral communication skills, both in a foreign language and in their native language;

– to cultivate such moral qualities of a person as: tolerance, benevolence, compassion, integrity, mercy, friendliness;

– to form a respectful attitude to the history and culture, customs and traditions of other (in this case, English-speaking) countries.

It was very interesting and informative for all participants.

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