Vocational guidance work

On the 29th of November, 2021 within the bounds of career guidance work with the purpose of informing school leavers was carried out online on the platform ZOOM with the teachers and 11th grade pupils of school-lyceum № 66, School № 16 of Karaganda on the platform ZOOM.

The senior lecturer of the department “Psychology, pedagogy and methods of primary education” G.S. Makhmutova held a dispute on the theme “We and the world of professions”.

The meeting was held in the form of a dispute on the theme: “Us and the World of Profession”.

During the meeting Mahmutova Gulim Sagynbaevna carried out career guidance work with 11th grade pupils, demonstrated the presentation of educational programs of “Bolashaq” Academy, told about the university and high quality preparation of specialists.

At the meeting with future graduates issues of admission to universities were discussed, informed and acquainted with the rules of admission of applicants and the conditions of training at the Academy “Bolashaq”, answered questions about the cost and duration of training, the possibility of continuing training in Master programs, etc.

In detail, she told about the directions in which Bolashaq Academy prepares specialists, what specialties can be obtained by studying at Bolashaq Academy, what opportunities offered by the acquired specialties and how they are in demand in the labor market.

To the pupils of “Bolashaq”, about academic mobility, about the events held within and outside the university, about the student newspaper “Limonad”.

Students took an active part in the conversation, asked questions related to the conditions of admission to the academy. This career guidance encourages students to make a conscious, motivated choice of profession based on an understanding of their abilities, interests and aptitudes. The students received comprehensive answers to their questions about admission to university.

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