Section No. 8: “Actual problems of chemical-pharmaceutical and biological medical sciences at the present stage of development”

The head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Disciplines, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Damira Pakhomova addressed the participants of the conference with a welcoming speech. She welcomed all the participants and thanked the guests of the conference for taking part in the event and sharing their experience and research.

The co-chairs of the event included:

Pakhomova D.K. – MD, Associate Professor

Tnimova G.T. – MD, Professor

G.N. Tukubaeva – Senior lecturer

Young researchers submitted 8 papers. The authors of the articles were young scientists from the NAO “Medical University”, “NAO KarU im. Buketova”, “Bolashaq Academy”

Results :

1st place: Kartabayeva G.I. “Bolashaq” akademiyasy, Karagandy, Kazakhstan Republikasy

2nd place: Tupitsyna N.A., Cheller N. A. Academy “Bolashaq”, Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan

2nd place: Shishkina E.O., Abikenova A.A. Karaganda University named afterBuketova, Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan

3rd place: Orazbayeva A.D. NAO “Kagandy Medicine University”, Kagandy, Kazakhstan Republikasy.

3rd place: Asanova G.K. “Bolashaq” academies, Karaganda, Kazakhstan Republics

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