Protection of the course work of students of the educational program 6B01301-Pedagogy and methods of primary education

On May 15, 2023, the defense of the course work of students of the PMNO – 20-2 group of the educational program 6VO1301 -Pedagogy and methods of primary education in the disciplines “Methods of teaching the Kazakh language in primary school”, “Methods of teaching artistic work” took place.

The head of the educational and methodological department Tuganbayeva Saltanat Tursynkhanovna, senior teachers of the Department of Pedagogy, scientific supervisors Sarbasova K. A., Zhapanova R. N., students of groups PMNO-19-2, PMNO-22-2 took part in the defense of the course work.

Coursework is a mandatory type of academic work performed by a student during the year. The course work is an independent research work of a student and includes a type of scientific research, designed in text form and logically completed on one problem in the field of pedagogy, psychology or individual techniques. It is carried out in order to form the student’s research skills, increase the level of his professional (theoretical, practical) training, in-depth development of the academic discipline, develop the ability and interest in independent work with scientific and reference literature. When preparing for the course work, the student is not tasked with discovering new scientific achievements in the field of pedagogy and teaching methods in the specialty. The student needs to demonstrate the ability of scientific use of literature in the process of presenting the topic, understanding the methodology of the material presented, the ability to systematize data, systematize and draw conclusions, correlate theory and practice with modern life.

During the defense, students defended their presentations. They showed that they are able to work with databases and have a good command of the informatization language.

At today’s defense, students of the PMNO-20-2 group Mukhamediya A., Zhursinbekova A., Nurken E., Seiduali M., Erkin S. showed that they came with full preparation. Correctly, clearly answered the questions posed.

The head of the educational and methodological department Tuganbayeva Saltanat Tursynkhanovna said that the students defended their course work very successfully and noted the results of dual knowledge in the research work of students.

At the end of the defense of the course work, the corresponding final grades were issued.

Senior lecturer of the Department of “Pedagogy” Sarbasova K.A.

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