Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

At the initiative of the First President, March 1 has been declared the Day of Gratitude since 2016. On this day in 1995, on the initiative of Nursultan Nazarbayev, the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan was created, an institution that has become a symbol of cohesion, unity and friendship of all ethnic groups living in our country. For 6 years there is a good tradition to express gratitude in the form of social support in “Bolashaq” Academy.

Day of gratitude is an expression of honor and respect of all inhabitants of Kazakhstan to each other.

Today on Thanksgiving Day we would like to thank all colleagues for their tolerance, kindness and generosity.

The department of legal disciplines wishes to express special gratitude to the management of the Academy for invaluable attention and care about us!

It is not only about social assistance, which, by the way, has become a tradition, but also about striving to create an atmosphere of total acceptance, in the team.

We are all well aware of the importance of good manners, their necessity in everyday life, but most of the thanks we express, as if casually, without thinking about their meaning. However, the words of gratitude have magical properties – with their help, people give joy to each other, express attention and convey positive emotions, without which our life would be meager and gloomy.

Psychologists believe that the words of gratitude are “verbal strokes” that can soothe and warm with their warmth. The main thing is that the words of gratitude should be said from the heart!

The Kazakh word “Rakmet” translated from the Turkic language means compassion, mercy, gratitude. It is mercy – a kind, humane attitude. It is believed that the Russian word “Thank you” was born in the 16th century from the often pronounced phrase “Thank God”. Interestingly, the roots of its English equivalent, Thank you, also go much deeper than mere gratitude. This suggests that both the Kazakh “Rakhmet”, the Russian “thank you” and the English word “Thank you”, uttered in almost all the languages of the world, have been and are extremely important to the culture of any nation.

It is no accident that we have given examples of the word “Thank you” in different languages in this day of gratitude. The meaning, almost all meanings, of this word comes down to a call to human, kind attitude to each other and to everything that surrounds us.

LanguageHow it sounds
EnglishThank you
GermanDanke schön
PolishDziekuje bardzo
TurkishTeşekkür ederim / Sagolun
ChineseСе се
KyrgyzRakhmat!/ Choong rakhmat!

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