Section 4 – Innovative Approaches to the Processes of Continuing Education

On the 25th of February, 2022 in “Bolashaq” Academy was held annual republican scientific – practical conference of students, candidates for a master’s degree, candidates for a doctorate and young scientists (with international participation) “Young people and global problems of modernity”.

The conference was held in different directions.

At the plenary session of the direction of “Innovative approaches in the organization of processes of education, training, personality development in continuing education” was presented by a student of group DOV-19-1 Zhampeisova Laura (supervisor: senior teacher Talikova G.T.) on “Features of self-esteem of preschool children from complete, incomplete families”.

Section meeting “Innovative approaches in the organization of the processes of education, training, personality development in continuing education” was successfully held in a remote online format on the platform Zoom.

Active participation in the work of this direction took teaching staff of the department of preschool education and upbringing.

 Students reports of scientific supervisors Professor Khrapchenkova N.I., associate professors Bokizhanova G.K., Shaltaeva R.J., masters Nurkenova G.K., Talikova G.T., Alekseeva, Bakaramova S.A., Zhanysbaeva R.M. were distinguished by relevance, scientific novelty and practical relevance. The contents corresponded to a literate and logical presentation of material, which included bibliography, statement of the problem and conclusions.


After presentation of reports by participants of section the meeting of jury on which the decision on definition of winners was pronounced.

According to the results of presentations, I, II, III degree diplomas were awarded to the following participants:

  1. the First degree diploma: Abish Tolganay.
  2. Diploma of 2 degrees: Sanay Akmaral, Maria Khalieva.
  3. Diploma of 3 degrees: Umirbaeva S., Lamhaeva P.

On the materials of the conference the electronic collection of reports was published in PDF format with the assignment of the UDC index.

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