Interim results of UNT: 96% of applicants passed UNT

As of today, more than 123,000 applicants have taken the UNT at 51 testing sites. Of these, 92,458 graduates were tested in Kazakh, 30,967 in Russian, 263 in English. The maximum score was 140.

At the same time 224 graduates were denied the opportunity to take the UNT because of attempts to bring prohibited items into the classroom during the inspection. For violation of rules during the testing, 563 students were removed from classrooms and their results were canceled.

The National Testing Center of the Ministry of Education and Science urges applicants to academic honesty and reminds that the situation center monitors each test taker on the principle of “one test taker – one camera.

Nine graduates had fever, so they will take the UNT on another day.


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