Rector’s Cup-2023

Today, a traditional spartakiad was held among the teaching staff and staff of the bolashaq Academy, where the rector’s Cup was competed. At the annual spartakiad, 5 teams competed in 4 sports.

The main feature of this spartakiad is that national teams are formed, that is, several employees of departments and departments are grouped for each team; secondly, the types of games in which players participate in a fist fight are specially selected. Namely: checkers, table tennis, darts (diving into the target) and relay.

It should be noted that among the teams” Kaisar”,” Dostyk”,” Zhenis”,” Alibeksuz “and” Pobeda”, the composition of the team” Kaisar ” is mainly composed of teachers of the Department of Kazakh language and literature.

During the competition, it was noted that the teachers and staff of the Academy are most active not only in everyday activities, but also in sports games.

At the end of the spartakiad, the team “Kaisar” took the 1st place in checkers and darts, the 3rd place in the relay, and the 2nd place in the team competition.

The management of the Academy awarded all the teams with certificates and financial prizes. No one was ignored.

The intra-Academy Sports Contest, which is held throughout the academic year without interruption, as well as the most important for strengthening the cohesion of colleagues, has a character and promotes a healthy lifestyle. We would like to thank the leadership of the academy as healthy citizens of the wise people, who initiated and organized such a good event at a high level, as the motto of the principle “healthy soul is healthy”.

The Department of Kazakh language and literature teaching staff

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